Who Is Brad Lakes?

BradLakes - Lakes Commission

Hey guys! My name is Brad Lakes, as I have stated before and I am a real estate nerd. I love everything from investing to finding a home for first-time buyers and dream home seekers. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing the faces of people who finally get into their dream home. I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas, and stories of some of my personal real estate investments and how I help people find their dream homes.

I will also be talking about waterfront properties. I really love these properties because the lake is my sanctuary. My favorite place in the world. I grew up in the northwest going to the lake with my grandparents. This is what led me to finding people who wanted to create those same memories I had growing up!

If you are someone who is looking for a home or looking for a real estate investment I will be covering information that I truly believe you will be able to use in your own real estate journey’s. My most recent posts will be found on my home page which can be found here. Let me know if you guys ever have any questions you can email me at help@lakescommission.com. Enjoy!

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